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Soak, The Book!   What people are saying:



“Clear, thoughtful personal essays reveal the journey of an entrepreneur and visionary. This slim book

charmed me with heartfelt, intelligent vignettes of the author’s journey from car crash and heartbreak survivor to thriving business owner and community leader.

I’ve read so many books about entrepreneurialism and leadership, but this book offered me something entirely different and unexpected. This book showed how our businesses are not something we do next to our personal lives, but are deeply enmeshed with our hearts and souls. As another female entrepreneur, this perspective affirmed my own experiences.

I rather enjoyed getting the “behind the scenes” story about the real-life Soak, the salt-water spa in my small and artsy coastal Port Townsend home. So many of us have been drawn to this town and Wren’s story feels familiar and true. After reading Soak the book, it’s very easy for me to see why Soak the spa makes me feels so calm and renewed.” –Kelsye Nelson



“SOAK: An Homage to Water is a page-turner of 61 leaves. Author, Wren Farris describes in captivating honest poetic prose her personal peregrination to the creation of ‘Soak On The Sound’, the local Port Townsend ‘hot spot’ of salt water baths and mending massage, through an ongoing, dynamically healing and ever changing, yet ever remaining the same, love relationship with water in all it’s various forms. It’s worth a couple of reads.” –Anonymous



Wren Farris

is a visionary entrepreneur, writer, life and business coach, and is founder of multiple successful businesses birthed from the heart. She currently lives by the water on the Olympic Peninsula, and in her spare time LOVES to help people actualize their dreams through her private consulting business…Want to connect? Write to her at



‘Soak: An Homage to Water’ is available for purchase at Soak on the Sound in Port Townsend, or purchase online, here.

Listen to Wren read passages from the book in an interview on writing, here.